Dani-Lynn's New Single  "Not A Game"

Official Music Video

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ACMA 2013 Nominee for Female Artist of the Year and Fan's Choice of the Year, Dani-Lynn is a young Canadian Country/Pop Music Artist, from central Alberta, Canada!  
Dani just released her new single"Not A Game" to radio on January 6th!  "Not A Game" and "Are You Thinkin'" can now be heard on 31 stations across Canada, as well as Germany, Ireland, and the UK!
To hear samples of a few of the new songs and up-to-date news, visit Dani's facebook page:
https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Dani-Lynn/169922879757152 and click on the "Like" button.   

Request "Not A Game" and "Are You Thinkin'" on your local radio station here!



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